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Mieli klientai, 2017 metų Liepos 7 dieną UAB Baltijos automobilių diagnostikos sistemos NEDIRBS. Nuo 2017 m. Liepos 10 dirbsime įprastu laiku.   Skaityti toliau...
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Naujas seminarų ciklas 2017 m. Sausio mėn.
Texa išleido naują programinės įrangos IDC4E MARINE 10.0.0 atnaujinimą Spausdinti


IDC4E marine 10.0.0 is a software developed at three-hundred-and-sixty-degrees which includes technical data and additional functions, all in one diagnostic solution, and not only.

In fact, starting from version 10, the IDC4 software evolves and becomes IDC4E, more powerful and efficient, featured by an interface, is easier to use, developed from the feedback of ideas between mechanics and TEXA technicians.



MARINE 10 covers a range of 35 makes and almost 700 models. We wish to point out the update of the database for the make SUZUKI MARINE, with the introduction of some new inboard engines and the update of the database for the make KAWASAKI MARINE, with the introduction of some new personal watercrafts and the extension of the diagnostic coverage up to 2015.

It is important to highlight that, other than the diagnosis, TEXA also offers additional technical information such as technical sheets, bulletins and wiring diagrams that are updated and extended at each SW update.

Within the IDC4 software, you can check out all these new features in the DOCUMENTATION menu. There, you will find details of all the makes, models, systems and the related diagnostic functions introduced in the version.

We remind you that the BASIC activation offers the diagnostic coverage of all the makes that belong to the "PWC Personal Watercrafts" and "outboard engines" categories. It also guarantees the coverage of the makes Cummins Mercruiser Diesel, Mercruiser, Mercury Diesel, Mercury Racing and Volvo Penta of the "inboard engines" category.

To gain the maximum diagnostic coverage, including the complete "inboard engines" category and the "industrial engines/generators" category, you must carry out the PLUS integration.

Note: for the owners of AXONE4, the maximum diagnostic coverage is already available thanks to the included PREMIUM activation.



Another new feature available starting from ICD4E MARINE 10 is the possibility, during the software installation/update phase, to view your TEXA ID, an alphanumeric code that allows you to register to the myTEXA portal and benefit from a series of useful dedicated services. You will be able to manage your information, view the details of the diagnostic tools you own, the status of your subscriptions, the services that are active.

myTEXA also allows you to access the reserved area DOWNLOAD MANAGER, the new application specifically developed to simplify, speed up and furtherly protect the downloading procedures for the diagnostic software programs, to subscribe to TEXA’s newsletter and receive directly in your mailbox all the last news regarding the company, its products and related updates and upgrades, other than the TEXAEDU course calendar and much more.

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